Hi I'm Bernadette

—makeup artist

I’ve assisted to

Mark Carrasquillo, Lucia Pieroni, Alice Ghendrih, Lucy Bridge, Steffi Willmann, and many more..

I like thinking about

the need of asthetic,  the purpose of colors & shapes, the aspects of celebrating all the beauty in life but even so respecting it in all it’s other facets, the storries of people and their faces

I’ve worked with photographers like

Hazel Gaskin, Kevin Mason, David Newby, Eve Power, Katia Wik, Vic Lentaigne, Michael Duerr, Marcel Gonzalez-Ortiz, Clemens Ascher, and many more

crueltyfree brands I recommend

Hourglass, RMS beauty,  Landoll Milano, Less is More, und Gretel, Illamasqua

I’ve worked for magazines like

guardian fashion, suke bang bang, boysbygirls, Kaltblut, Kult Magazine, PENG!, Miss Magazine, C-heads, Black Paper, Astonished Magazine,..

other clients

Topshop, New Look, Ted Baker, Eyland, Nordenholz,